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This CD contains everything needed for a rank beginner with absolutely no musical background or experience on fiddle or any other instrument. You do not need to know how to read music or tablature. You will learn to play fiddle by ear, which will allow you to train your ear at the same time you learn to play fiddle. Two of the most asked questions I hear are whether fiddle is too hard to learn, or how do you know where to put your fingers? There are no frets! In the beginning, you will have tape marks on the fiddle fingerboard to help you know where to put your fingers. As you progress and as your ear becomes trained, you will gradually remove the tapes from your fingerboard, as you will no longer need them. Is the fiddle too difficult an instrument for an adult to learn? What if you've never played an instrument before? It doesn't matter! If you are eager and willing to learn, you can succeed.


EVERYONE who wants info on bluegrass fiddle or banjo should check these CDs and this site out.
      -- Jen Baum, Green Mountain Music Productions

Couldn't remember if I emailed you that I got the CD. I got the CD! It is GREAT!!!! I am already playing Amazing Grace and Tenn. Waltz. Not perfect though, but Its recognizable which is a start! I really am enjoying it,and wanted to ask if you carry more? Right now we are waiting for a banjo to arrive!
      -- Kathleen W., Abington MA

Received the CD on Saturday, March 27, 2004. Thanks for your prompt mailing. I started using the CD already. I'm ready to play with Earl Scuggs !!
      -- Int'l Silversmiths, Miami FL

It's a really great instructional CD believe me - it's not my first - I had another one - ended up trashing it. Whoever did it was more concerned with impressing the listeners with his intelligence to adequately and simply explain how to do it. The confidence in your voice gives the listeners confidence to learn.
      -- Pam, MA

CD arrived quickly!! Unexpected extra info a plus!!!
      -- San Diego, CA


Disk 1 explains how to play five different songs on the fiddle. Each song is separated into smaller parts, and each part is explained in detail and then played. As the different parts are put together, they are played again for you to hear and to practice with. In addition to the explanation tracks, you will have a choice to play along with each of the five songs at several different speeds (depending upon the song).

Click Here for a soundclip (567KB)(Windows Media Player).

Here are the actual contents of the CD:

Bile Them Cabbage Down Explained (Three Variations - including Shuffle)
Bile Them Cabbage Down Slow
Bile Them Cabbage Down Medium
Bile Them Cabbage Down Fast

Flop Eared Mule Explained
Flop Eared Mule Slow
Flop Eared Mule Medium
Flop Eared Mule Fast

Tennessee Waltz Explained
Tennessee Waltz Slow
Tennessee Waltz

Old Joe Clark Explained
Old Joe Clark Slow
Old Joe Clark Medium
Old Joe Clark Fast

Amazing Grace Explained
Amazing Grace


The Beginning Bluegrass Fiddle CD is only $15.00, including shipping & handling (US). You may purchase by check or money order. If you prefer, we can also accept credit cards or direct withdrawals from your bank account through the free service PayPal. To order a CD, click the Ordering Information link at the top of this page.

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